Outer beauty, inner beauty

I firmly believe that we are all born beautiful inside but, we let life changes us making us lose sight of what we really are...

I also believe that deep down, in the soul, we still remain what we are and yet, keep forgetting it.

I require a quick chat before the session to get to know each other as much as possible, like an ice breaker if you may.

In general I do not instruct you on how to pose in front of the camera, especially at the beginning of the session; I will have you talk about your life, the beautiful, the ugly, and I will try to capture your inner and outer beauty while you speak.

And you can rest assured that everything you tell me will remain between us!

More often than not, people tell me they see themselves as they really are in the pictures we have shot together, that they even see something they haven't seen before! That to me, is one of the greatest achievements as a photographer. I sincerely hope to do the same with you.

But I'm not a model!

Of course you are not!

And that's why my session takes place as I describe below:
My intention is not to make you a beautiful figurine, quite the opposite, I want to create images where anyone appreciate your real beauty!

Martina is not a professional model
This is an example of what we can create together if there is a connection

Capturing feelings

During my portrait sessions we are to create complicity: it is not about you coming and posing to create beautiful images about a particular moment.

With me, it is about being who you really are, because our inner beauty can always reflect in each of us: but only by being true to ourselves.

The complicity generates emotions unique for both of us and allows the creation of images, where I can capture you in depth, your soul (as many say) the e-motions of the moment - your personal moment.

Loreen is also not a professional model
But how intense is her gaze?

How it works

When you decide to book a session, the first step will be a good chat, in person or in video chat. This way we get to know each other and define the setting for the shooting: outdoors, in the studio or if we have to find a particular location - for example if you are interested in a boudoir session (intimate), artistic nude (I totally dislike vulgarity).

Having specified the type of photos you are looking for, I will prepare a series of images as reference(the mood-board) and share them with you on Pinterest - you also can share your selected images if any,

I have to underline that we will not be reproducing the images of the moodboard!
Their use is only intended as an inspiration for lighting, clothing, location and, above all, the mood - that is, your mood in the pictures.

Once we've put together the mood board, we will set the date for the session.

The session

Throughout the session we will have background music: music is very important to me and is fundamental in the creative process.

I will be taking shots as you go along telling me about your life, joys and sorrows; and I will shoot a lot with the intention to capture all your emotions.

A session lasts at least 4/5 hours and on average, and goes from 600 to 1,000 images.

Who is attending the session

If someone comes along with you, he or she cannot be present during the session. This is purely work ethics related to prevent any possible distraction, for you and me: we have to create a connection - photographer and model - and if there are other people in the set, it wouldn't be possible.

If needed, there will be a hairdresser and/or MUA in session, but that shouldn't cause any distraction because they know hot to manage in a professional matter.

If I need an assistant I will let you know before the session - sometimes my wife assists me, but generally only in outdoor sessions.

What do you get

Within few days after the session - in any case within a couple of weeks - I will send you my selection, after having eliminated the images with technical problems, expressions that are not beautiful or that I simply do not like enough to consider them publishable.

An idea of what the selection is: from Eleonora's session I selected 50% of the shots!

The first selection will be in a format suitable for publication on Instagram (short side 1080 pixels) with a basic retouching, more than anything else to fix any problems with the light.
These images will have a watermark so they are distinguishable from those that had been 100% post-produced.

An image of Eleonora with lighting correction and a watermark in the lower right corner

Normally the selection includes only black and white images which help me better control the lighting during shooting. In any case, my cameras will save all the information in the files and I will be able to recover the color in the post-production phase.

As of recently, I am also sending some dual-tone photos along with the shots to be selected – This is an example of Lin, a 46-year-old Singapore client who literally surprised me with her sensuality

At this point you'll choose the images you'd like to receive in high resolution and send me the names of the files.

After taking some time for post-producing and and as soon as they are ready, I will be sending them to you in digital, on high resolution and ready to be printed.

You'll receive the post-produced images both in color and in black and white.

I could also help you choose the best shots and take care of the whole process of creating prints, posters and /or a book, and have everything already printed delivered to you!

An example of post-production

I totally dislike images showing plastic look like skin, so I do not remove the imperfections of the skin that, in my humble opinion, are part of your/one life story.

In any case, I eliminate everything that is temporary (pimples, redness, etc.) as you will notice in this example .

The costs

The session has a fixed cost of 50 Euros which serves basically to cover the costs of storing the pictures - I always keep at least 4 copies of the images I produce!

You will then pay for the images you want to buy.
Each picture costs 20 Euros and I ask you to purchase a minimum of 12.

Also, if you buy at least 20 images I will give you a fine art print in 30x40 cm format.

I reserve the right to ask for a surcharge in case the process of eliminating skin imperfections or problems should exceed the standard (20/30 minutes per image).
In these cases, I prepare a conventional retouching and submit it to you before proceeding with the work on the images you have chosen; then together, we will decide how to proceed.

If you wish, I can take care of the printing of books and/or posters and have the finished products delivered to you.
For that, there are many variables to consider: the format, number of pages, type of paper, etc.
I could show you some samples and give you some ideas about the costs during the session.

If we shoot outside Como, over 30 kms., I will ask you to cover the costs due by transfer and any overnight stay for distances greater than 200 km.

Other costs at your expense if any:
• MUA (Make Up Artist)
• Hairdresser
• Possible rental of a location (studio, apartment, etc.)
• Clothing, accessories, etc.

I work with professionals in the sector and can give you an idea about ​​costs before the session for MUA and hairdresser.

They say about me

All real testimonials!

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For any question don't be shy, just get in touch trough Telegram, WhatsApp, DM me trough my Instagram account or send me an email.

I speak English, Spanish and Italian and I'm ready to travel all over Europe to create some stunning images with you!


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Ugo シ Grandolini

I capture sensuality and erotism of an unconventional beauty, through imperfections of the body, wicked gestures and by exploring emotions like vulnerability, sadness and rage.

In a world where women alter their bodies trying to become perfect like dolls, I started my journey in photography by shooting with “real” dolls trying to represent them as women.

Later, I started shooting portraits with women just to realise that they can have an “unexpressed” beauty that is not what fashion magazines propose.

The beauty I see is usually hidden in details of their body such as imperfections (e.g. stretch marks, wrinkles, etc), wicked gestures, vulnerability, sadness, rage...

And the ability to show them this hidden beauty trough my camera make them aware of what they really are, of their sensuality and erotic attitude.

Ugo Grandolini